Dream Catcher Feather CZ Bead Bar Navel Belly Ring Surgical Steel

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Repel fashion nightmares when you wear this stylish dream catcher belly ring. Dangling belly button rings are fun to wear and make a big statement. Stand out with this cz belly ring that has a 14 gauge curved barbell holding a fun dream catcher on the end. Feel the boho vibe of this stainless steel body bar and wear it with a straw cowgirl hat and your favorite bikini. This unique piece of navel jewelry would also make a great addition to your Native American Halloween costume. Body jewelry is a fun way to show of your style and this dangle will absolutely catch an eye. Buy this hypoallergenic surgical steel belly body bar and you will be sure to get complimented. SKU: NAL05159-Q-AZ
Measure: 14 gauge barbell, 2in long, Weight: 3.6 grams Material: Stainless Steel
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