Musician Musical Instrument Guitar Cufflinks Stainless Steel

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That's just the way it is and these gorgeous guitar cufflinks are no different. These cufflinks for men are stainless steel plated and feature a simple etched guitar design. These musical instrument cufflinks also have a torpedo toggle back for secure and safe wearing. Musicians you will love these music cufflinks. Whether you can play the guitar or simply like guitar music, anyone can wear these guitar cuffs, from musicians to businessmen. These stainless steel plated cufflinks are affordable and fun to wear. Get these mens cufflinks today. SKU: XY-AF1114-AZ
Material: Stainless Steel,
Measure: 0.98 inch L X 0.39 inch,
Weight: 9.89 Grams
For The Artist in the fold Secure Torpedo Toggle Back