Heart Bolo Lariat Pendant Necklace CZ Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver

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Our stunning heart pendant necklace with pave-set cubic zirconia gems is for women who love to wear a heart of love. The contemporary box chain is enhanced by a heart-shaped drop measuring .35" tall by .39" wide and encased with high-quality, sparkling CZ gemstones. The chain is linked with a bolo clasp, and all parts are .925 sterling silver plated with rose gold, so it will not rust, corrode, or scratch. SKU: KC-CZ50164RG-AZ
Measure: 26 inches
Weight: 6.5 grams
Material: Rose Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver
Why Buy Cubic Zirconia: Show your love for the Earth and your sweetheart by choosing cubic zirconia jewelry gifts. Lab created CZ reduces social and destructive environmental impact caused by the mining of diamonds