Native American Style Leaf Oval Moonstone Ring Band Sterling Silver

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Channel your inner free-spirit with this turquoise jewelry sterling silver ring featuring metal roses along the setting. An unexpected addition to your rose flower jewelry collection, this silver ring sports a bright blue turquoise stone is what will draw your attention, but the silver filigree work is what will keep it. Please note that because these are reconstituted stones some pieces may vary slightly in color. SKU: NK-RS-1581MS-7-AZ
Measure: 2mm W, Ring Face is 23 mm
Weight: 6.43 grams Stone: turquoise is 18mm x 13mm
Material: .925 sterling silver, compressed natural turquoise
Sterling Silver is hypoallergenic, 100% safe for sensitive skin. It is a high-quality material, a classic that will stand the test of time. Sterling silver is easy to keep tarnish-free by wearing it regularly.