Stabilized Turquoise | Image1
Turquoise | Image1
Moonstone | Image1
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Turquoise | Image2
Moonstone | Image2
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Turquoise | Image3
Moonstone | Image3
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Moonstone | Image4

Western Statement Boho Oval Purple Turquoise Ring .925 Sterling Silver

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Made of quality 925 Sterling Silver, this Southwestern style turquoise ring sports an eye-catching Stabilized Purple Turquoise stone and boasts a unique silver setting. Southwestern flower details and nature leaf touches make this large ring a truly special addition to anyone's collection of sterling silver rings. SKU: NK-RNK-0086-7-AZ
Measure: Width 30mm
Weight: 10.16 Grams
Stone: 23mm L x 15mm W
Material: .925 Sterling Silver, Turquoise
Due to the naturally occurring characteristics of gemstones, each is unique and may exhibit imperfections such as inclusions, blemishes, and cloudiness, as well as color variations. Each piece is stamped