Black Thermometer Working Degree Celsius Cufflinks Stainless Steel

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Now instead of carrying your heart on your sleeve, you can just carry the temperature. Showing the Celsius degrees from -20 to 50, this remarkable pair of cufflinks for men will make you the envy of all your friends. This highly useful ornament is a businessman's dream, having such useful information at your disposal. Your dear old Dad will get a kick out of these fun black cufflinks, so keep them in mind for Fathers Day. Buy these mens cufflinks now and take a further look at our extensive cufflinks collection, you will not be disappointed. SKU: XY-00168588-AZ
Measure: 19mm Diameter
Weighs: 13.42 Grams
Material: Stainless Steel Glass
Take the temperature of the room with these fun and funky unique cufflinks today. Secure Torpedo Back Closure