Purple Oval Tanzanite Zircon Bolo Tennis Bracelet 925 Sterling Silver

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Add a pop of color to your wrist with this simple and elegant Tanzanite adjustable pull-string Bolo Bracelet. Fashionably made in sleek 925 sterling silver, this bracelet features prong set oval-shaped violet-blue tanzanite. Measuring to 7 inches, this is a secured pull-string bracelet and is crafted of fine 925 sterling silver and it adjusts to fit your wrist. It is also Tarnish-free. This Bolo Adjustable Bracelet is modern looking classic style which make it perfect to wear on any occasion and it suits any attire be it day time wear or evening wear. Purchase this bracelet for Women, s, Teens and for December born Birthstone Jewelry. SKU: BS-MODEL-2-AZ
Material: 925 Sterling Silver, Tanzanite, Measure: 7 inches, Weight: 3.89 Grams
High quality, hypoallergenic material that will stand the test of time making it suitable to wear for everyday use.