Navy Blue Pave Crystal Ball Shamballa Inspired Bracelet Black Cord

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If you love to wear blue jeans then this denim blue Shamballa inspired bracelet may just be your new go to accessory. A strand of nine disco ball beads are macramé together on a black nylon cord and finished with two black onyx beads on an adjustable slide closure. The gunmetal colors of the crystal ball beads deepens the whole unisex bracelets look so it is dark and demure. Men will love it and women will swoon over it. What better gift to give than a bracelet inspired by Shamballa Jewels. This style of bracelet is a hot trend right now amongst celebrities and athletes. From hip hop artists to Olympics Gold Plated medalists, this is one trend that will not be leaving anytime soon. With our amazing prices on macramé crystals bracelets, you cannot help but buy more than one. Shamballa inspired designs derive their inspiration from the original jewelry designs of Mads Kornerup, who founded Shamballa Jewels ApS, which owns the trademark Shamballa. For more information go to the authentic Shamballa Jewels products. SKU: CB-OV0020-AZ
Measure: 8 inch L x 0.51 inch W, Bead: 12 mm D,
Weight: 54.75 grams,
Material: Nylon, Crystal
Adjustable Nylon Macramé Bracelet