Big Round Judaic Jewish Hanukkah Star Of David For Men Stainless Steel

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Add a striking Stainless Steel Star of David ring to your look to reflect your personal style and show off your faith with stylish flair. The Jewish star symbol is beautifully rendered in hypoallergenic Stainless Steel and made with a round geometric, oxidized pattern in the center that gives it added detail. Proudly display this stunning symbol of the Jewish faith with our new Jewish star ring. It is a noticeably handsome choice. A perfect pick for one of your Dads Fathers Day gifts or as one of his gifts for Hanukkah or one of his Bar Mitzvah gifts, Star of David rings will make a classic, timeless addition to his jewelry box. SKU: CDL-CSR20103-8-AZ
Material: Stainless Steel
Measure: 5MM Band Width Face 20MM W x 20MM L
Weight: 15 Gram
This design is solid heavy and will help him to express his faith in style. Why not engrave names, inspirational message, letters, numbers, date, coordinates or medical information.