Faceted Diamond Cut Wedding Band Titanium Spinner Rings For Men 8MM

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A stylish mens ring that will never tarnish. This multi faceted ring is 8 mm in width spins. All of our unisex wedding rings are hypoallergenic. Great for everyday wear, any occasions, and as a gift or wedding ring that will last a lifetime. bands are unisex style which makes them great for men and women. That will look stylish with everything you wear. This wide stainless steel mens band contains a texture hammer stainless steel center. Perfect as your loved ones Birthday Gift, or for any other special occasion, a masculine ring like this is sure to be a standout in the world of mens jewelry. SKU: FJ-SPINSIL-8-AZ
Measure: Width 8mm
Weight: 8.37 Grams
Material: Stainless Steel
Why not engrave names inspirational word letters, numbers, date, or coordinates. Durable will resist tarnish and never lose its shine.