925 Sterling Silver 5CT AAA CZ Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Baguette

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Any celebrity inspired ring will make your bride to be feel like a star herself. Our celebutante style cz engagement ring has a shining sterling silver ring band and massive stones for massive glitter. The center rock of our cz jewelry is a whopping five carats that would make any paparazzi would want to chase. The gleaming silver and gorgeous stones mean these engagement rings will look stunning with everything she wears from the second she says yes. Get this sterling silver jewelry today and get ready to make your bride to be a star. SKU: PK-VIC-8-AZ
Measure: 2mm Band Width,
Weight: 4 grams Stone: 12mm L x 10mm W
Material: .925 Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia,
Why Buy Cubic Zirconia: Show your love for the Earth and your sweetheart by choosing cubic zirconia jewelry gifts. Lab created CZ reduces social and destructive environmental impact caused by the mining of diamonds