Astrology Horoscope CZ Zodiac Pisces Charm Bead .925 Sterling Silver

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Celebrate your Pisces sun sign, February 19 to March 20, through the gold plated 925 Sterling Silver Pisces Zodiac Bead . Tell your story through zodiac beads. This Pisces bead measures approximately 8.5mm diameter and 8.5mm width, and is the perfect addition to your European story bracelet. Made of .925 Sterling Silver and 14K gold accents, the hand crafted workmanship on this charm bead is impeccable. With a wide range of available patterns such as heart, charm, friends, enamel, animal, spacer, sports, star, crystal, glass and birthstone beads you are sure to discover the perfect one for your unique charm bracelet. , , , and beads . SKU: PBX-DF-SB-0602