Ayllu Symbol BFF Love Luck Unity Bolo Bracelet For 925 Sterling Silver

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A radiant celebration of AYLLU's ideals of love, luck and unity, this beautifully crafted, adjustable bolo bracelet features a contemporary bar design at the center of a shimmering box chain. Composed entirely of lustrous sterling silver. Packaged in handcrafted gift boxes with a pamphlet telling the story of Ayllu's community. SKU: AYL-113-AZ
Measure: 9" L x 0.1" W, Material: .925 Sterling Silver, Hypoallergenic, Weight: 5.7 gram
WEAR IT! SHARE IT! PAINT IT - The Ayllu symbol has the power to transform and inspire. JOIN the MOVEMENT! CELEBRATE our diversity…and STAND TOGETHER in solidarity.