Black Silver Two Tone Stripe Wedding Band Titanium Ring For Men 6MM

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A basic ring to the Fashion-forward style, a handsome contrast of black and white is eye-catching. A bold black resin inlay stripe extends along the center of the 6mm wide ring complimenting the made combination finish style. The inner shank of the ring is domed and rounded so that the ring just slides in comfortably. These comfort fit bands puts less pressure on the finger and are a better option to the traditional fit. is very durable, scratch proof and lustrous metal and hypoallergenic. gives a new edge to jewelry innovation. A Modern and extraordinary style is sure to delight your man! SKU: FG-11-2321C-L-8-AZ
Measure: 6mm width
Weight: 10.40 grams
Material: Metal materials of Titanium, Alloyed, Carbide
Unisex -durable will resist tarnish and never lose its shine heavy durable hypoallergenic and scratch resistant. Comfort-fit wedding band.