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Bali Boho Ring Band Blue Enhanced Turquoise 925 Sterling Silver Ring

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Add a vivacious burst of Vintage Style. Our Antique Style look sterling silver ring has a gorgeous blend of shining silver, bright stabilized turquoise, and Bali Style accents. Filigree and rope designs line the top of the band, where the center piece is a brightly colored, round cut stabilized turquoise stone. This Vintage Style stabilized turquoise jewelry looks great with both cocktail dresses for a glam look and your favorite jeans and tee for an easy accessory. For all the end of year out there, this is a gorgeously unique piece of December birthstone jewelry and makes a perfect birthday gift that is sure to brighten up any winter birthday. Get our Vintage Style stabilized turquoise ring today, but let its classic style be part of your wardrobe forever. SKU: PS-TR425-TQ-7-AZ
Measure: Width: 2mm
Weight: 2.5 Grams Stone: 5mm W
Material: Sterling Silver, Reconstituted Stabilized Turquoise