Holiday Christmas Gingerbread Man Cookie Charm Bead Sterling Silver

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Be honest, the quirky little gingerbread man is your favorite Shrek character. Our Gingerbread Man Christmas charm is a favorite holiday bead. Add this unique silver bead to your Christmas charm bracelet or your silver charm bracelet. They make great holiday gifts so get this whimsical piece of silver bead jewelry for your loved ones today. SKU: pbx-HS-579-D-AZ
Material: .925 Sterling Silver
Measure: 13 mm L x 9 mm W, 4.5 mm Bead Core
Weight: 2.2 Grams
Compatible With Major European Charm Brands. Fits both necklace and bracelet 3mm or smaller. The unthreaded hole size is about 4.8mm-5mm.