Holiday Christmas Gingerbread Man Cookie Charm Bead Sterling Silver

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Add this fairytale character to your jewelry or other unique charm bracelet and bring some magic into your world. Our Gingerbread Man Cookie Charm is made of .925 Sterling Silver and will go perfectly on your beaded bracelets or necklaces. Christmas charms are always a must have for the holiday season. A great addition to any winter or holiday themed bracelet, this Christmas bead will help to create that warm feeling that only comes around during this time of year. With this charming holiday bead, you can keep that magical feeling with you all year round. Buy this , and winter bead right now and keep the festive air alive. SKU: PBX-HS-543-D-AZ
Material: .925 Sterling Silver
Measure: 12 mm L x 9 mm W, 5 mm Bead Core
Weight: 2 Grams
Compatible With Major European Charm Brands. Fits both necklace and bracelet 3mm or smaller. The unthreaded hole size is about 4.8mm-5mm.