Chunky Purple Amethyst Stone Chips Statement Bib Necklace Collar

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It is easy to dress for success when you wear our gorgeous Amethyst chips bib necklace. Purple jewelry adds interest and drama to your look and infuses an ordinary outfit with the perfect amount of color. Our chunky gemstone necklace is finely strung with Amethyst chips. Our rich and regal looking February birth month jewelry features chips in varying hues of purple. They range in shades from pale violet and lilac with flecks of grey to deep, rich tones of darker purples. Adorn your neck in style and add a stunning color and piece to your jewelry wardrobe today. SKU: YP-AMT4010-N-AZ
Measure: 1in x 18in
Weight: 120 Grams Material: Amethyst, Silver Plating