Craved Blue Buddha Black Faceted Ball Bead Bracelet Adjustable Cord

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Meditate on this, a Buddha bracelet inspired by Shamballa Jewels. A synthetic blue Reconstituted Turquoise Buddha face rests on a strand on faceted Black Onyx beads. The smooth blue green and sparkling black beads have a lovely contrast that really makes Buddha's face pop. This adjustable bracelet can be custom fitted to any wrist and super easy to slide on and off. Buy this for your favorite Yogi or person who loves spiritual jewelry. Buddhists believe in the concept of anatta, or no self, so be selfless and gift this to someone who you want to feel special. A Shamballa inspired bracelet is a great way to give some love at an affordable price. Inspired by Shamballa Jewels designs derive their inspiration from the original jewelry designs of Mads Kornerup, who founded Shamballa Jewels ApS, which owns the trademark Shamballa. For more information go to the authentic Shamballa Jewels products. SKU: CB-BR-12926R-AZ
Material: Nylon, Crystal, Synthetic Turquoise, Measure: 8 inch L x 0.62 inch W, Stone: 16 mm, Weight: 36.37 gram,