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Dome Couples Wedding Band Polished 14K Gold Plated Tungsten Rings 8MM

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These gold and rings are exquisite pieces of jewelry that will make an ideal wedding band for any person. This gold plated wedding band has an alluring and beguiling high shine. These unisex wedding bands are made from ensuring a tarnish resistant, long life. This 8mm wedding band has a charming, timeless look that will never go out of fashion. 8mm rings are the obvious choice if you want an incredible looking ring that is sure to stand the test of time. Unlike some cheap rings this gold plated band is made from only high quality materials. Get a bargain, order your gold plated high polish wedding ring today. SKU: FJ-TUR-156GP-6-AZ
Measure: 8mm Band Width,
Weight: 16.6 grams
Material: Metal materials of Titanium, Alloyed, Carbide
Unisex -durable will resist tarnish and never lose its shine heavy durable hypoallergenic and scratch resistant.