Goddess Deity Protector Of Nature Earth Angel  Pendulum Urn Locket

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Made from oxidized .925 Sterling Silver, this pendulum locket pendant is beautifully detailed for a versatile style. The design around the angels smiling face is outlined gorgeously, making the face clearly noticeable to anyone around you. The angel locket is made in a cone shape, creating a distinctive piece of religious jewelry that can be worn to any event with any casual or formal outfit. Angel pendants can be worn as protective charms or just as a stylish charm. No matter how you choose to wear it, you will always look classy with this silver angel pendant. Chain Not Included. SKU: PS-TP2856-AZ
Measure: 1.33in x 0.66in 18 Inch Chain
Weight: 8.8 Grams
Material: .925 Sterling Silver
GENUINE .925 STERLING SILVER - Sterling Silver is naturally hypoallergenic, 100% safe for sensitive skin. It is a high-quality material, a classic that will stand the test of time.