Nautical Island Beach Crab Midi Toe Ring Oxidized 925 Silver Sterling

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Your favorite summer sandals will really stand out in style with one of our newest adjustable toe rings on your toes. Our very friendly sea creature will freshen up your look, whether you choose to wear it as one of your nautical toe rings or as a sterling silver midi ring. You may decide to stack your newest sterling silver crab ring along with other favorite treasures of Marine Life jewelry in your jewelry box to create this seasons hottest jewelry look. Designed to either be worn in between the first and second knuckles on your fingers, as a pinky ring or as one of your trendy adjustable toe rings, our newest piece of sterling silver body jewelry is this seasons must have fashionable accessory. Suit your under the sea fancy with this super cute choice and add a chic Boho vibe to your look. SKU: PMR-R11068-AZ
Material: 925 Sterling Silver,
Measure: 3 mm W,
Weight: 1.63 grams
Open Ended Adjustable