Partner in Crime Handcuff Lock Chain Link Bracelet Sterling Silver

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This bold sterling silver CZ bracelet tastefully combines provocative design with divine delicacy. At a bargain, this affordable silver handcuff bracelet is made of quality 925 sterling silver. Its interlocking handcuffs sparkle with cubic zirconia. Unlike less sophisticated sterling silver charm bracelets, this edgy, yet elegant piece of handcuff jewelry can be worn during informal and upscale occasions. SKU: V-B30406-AZ
Measure: 7.25 inch L x 0.43 inch W
Weight: 2.6 gram
Material: Cubic Zirconia, Sterling Silver, Spring Ring Clasp, Cable Chain
Why Buy Cubic Zirconia: Show your love for the Earth and your sweetheart by choosing cubic zirconia jewelry gifts. Lab created CZ reduces social and destructive environmental impact caused by the mining of diamonds