Patriotic American USA Red White Blue Republican Party Elephant Shirt Cufflinks For Men Stainless Steel Hinge Back

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The Republican Party is called the Grand Old Party for a reason. Be proud to be part of it, and get yourself these classic republican cufflinks. Our sturdy stainless steel jewelry has a polished finish and uses two shades of bright enamel to depict the traditional symbol. Elephants have been an unofficial logo for the party since the 1800s, and this pachyderm has a half blue, half red design with shining silver stars contrasting against the blue. With those elephants standing a little less than an inch tall and the set weighing 11.5 Grams together, our unique cufflinks are a classy way to allude to your allegiance. Whether you get a pair for yourself, or give them to your red state buddies and family members as birthday gifts or Fathers Day Gifts, vote yes to ordering them today. SKU: SWK-HYC-1049-AZ
Torpedo Toggle Back
Material: Stainless Steel, Enamel, Measure: 0.82 inch L x 0.75 inch W, Weight: 11.5 Grams