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Plain Simple Dome Black Couples Wedding Band Tungsten Rings 4MM

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These exquisite rings are quite a piece to behold. A truly delicate ring, these rings are extremely subtle. With a narrow 4mm band width, these black rings still make a huge impact without being too imposing on your finger. The high polished shine on these 4mm rings jumps out at you in just about any light. jewelry is seriously popular at the moment and these narrow band unisex rings are an amazing take on their broad band counterparts. All of our rings are made from which is a tarnish resistant, extremely durable material. Your ring will shine for years to come. This is a ring for men or a ring for women. Treat yourself or get an unforgettable gift for your loved one. Order your 4mm band ring today. SKU: FJ-TUR-160BP-4m-4-AZ
Measure: 8mm Band Width
Weight: 16.6 grams
Material: Metal materials of Titanium, Alloyed, Carbide
Unisex -durable will resist tarnish and never lose its shine heavy durable hypoallergenic and scratch resistant.