Saint Jude Thaddeus Patron of Hopeless Causes Medallion Silver Pendant

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Our sterling silver St Jude Thaddeus Medallion is the perfect gift for any of your loved ones. The medallion is made of 925 silver, This handsomely round pendant measures at approximately 0.59 inches in diameter and weighs approximately 2.1 grams, allowing for the pendant to fit comfortably on any neckline. This is a unique lucky and protective charm that can be worn at any occasion. Add it to your jewelry collection or gift it today. Comes with 18 inch chain. SKU: BS-RELMED-AZ
Measure: 18 inch L x .59 inch W
Weight: 2.1 gram
Material: .925 Sterling Silver
GENUINE .925 STERLING SILVER - Sterling Silver is naturally hypoallergenic, 100% safe for sensitive skin. It is a high-quality material, a classic that will stand the test of time. Sterling silver is easy to keep tarnish-free by wearing it regularly.