d Blue Turquoise Couple Wedding Band Titanium Ring For Men 8MM

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If you are looking for a unique wedding band that sparkles with the opalescent colors of blue, our striking blue inlay wedding band ring is a very handsome choice. The center that encircles the entire beveled edge band is simply iridescent with specks of blue that catch the light beautifully. Since is the traditional birthstone for the month of October, buy one of our inlaid wedding bands for a birthday celebration or even for your all important walk down the aisle. You can even decide to just have a set of matching rings you and your significant other can enjoy. is not only the heaviest element known to mankind, it is also hypoallergenic, making it a sensational choice in jewelry. This item is engravable. Personalize it for yourself or add a special message to a gift. SKU: FJ-WRY-TUR04-6-AZ
Measure: 7.5mm Band Width
Weight: Weighs 12.5 grams
Material: Titanium, Alloyed, Carbide, Simulated Blue Opal
Unisex -durable will resist tarnish and never lose its shine heavy durable hypoallergenic and scratch resistant.