Soccer Mom Charm Pendant Necklace For Women 925 Sterling Silver With Chain

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If you have a passion for soccer and your mom has always been there to support you at your soccer games, you should show her you appreciate her time and effort by getting her this soccer mom pendant. Made of .925 Sterling Silver, the pendant is designed in the shape of a soccer ball, and the words soccer mom are inscribed in a bold font with oxidized silver, making the words clearly noticeable. The pentagon shapes of the ball are also made of oxidized silver, creating intricate detailing that will stand out with any outfit. Reward your mom for Mothers Day, for her birthday, or for any other celebration on which you want to show her your love and appreciation. Chain Included. SKU: PMR-P14105-AZ
Chain Included
Measure: 1.06in x 0.79in
Weight: 3.9 Grams
Material: .925 Sterling Silver
Material: 925 Sterling Silver