Solid Flat Mariner Anchor Chain 080 Gauge Necklace Sterling Silver

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This bold and fancy Unisex Italian Mariner Link Chain Necklace is fabricated from .925 Sterling Silver. This chain necklace makes a fashion statement and offers a delicate classic look that is as versatile as it is timeless. Featuring rounded Mariner links, this piece makes the perfect complement for our selection of medium and large .925 Sterling Silver pendants. This necklace is the perfect gift to give all of the jewelry lovers on your holiday list this year. Be sure to order one for a special friend when you place your order today. With a gauge of 080 and lengths ranging from 16 Inches to 20 inches, this chain necklace is a sensational one to add to your collection. SKU: SSTR-080italian-16-AZ
Measure: 080 Gauge
Weight: 7 grams Material: .925 Sterling Silver