Loving Family Father Mother Children Pendant Necklace For Mom

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This sweet family pendant makes a charming gift for any mother on Mothers Day or on any other celebration in which you want to celebrate your strong bond with your family. Made of rose gold plated 925 Sterling Silver, the pendant features two people embracing. The pendant can be worn as a charm to show the world how much you love your family, or as a stylish family necklace when you pair the piece with a chain of your own. Represent your strong family bond with this lovely family pendant today. Chain Included SKU: PL-CH0124-AZ
Measure: 18 inch L x 0.51 inch W
Weight: 2.6 Grams
Material: Rose Gold Plated or Rhodium Plated 925 Sterling Silver
COMPOSED OF 925 SILVER WITH GOLD PLATING- High quality material that will stand the test of time making it suitable to wear for everyday use. Gold plating adds a touch of glam to elegant 925 silver.