Sunburst Sun Pendant Necklace Pave Cubic Zirconia 14K Gold Plated
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Sunburst Sun Pendant Necklace Pave Cubic Zirconia 14K Gold Plated

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The sun is always shining brightly with our sunburst pendant necklace. The body of the sun is encrusted all over with sparkly Cubic Zirconia stones, adding style and extra beauty to the piece. The end of the sun rays are accented in Gold Plating, which creates a dynamic combination of detail that will be hard to miss. You are sure to feel fabulous Whether you are dressed in a casual or formal attire, and will attract attention anywhere you go. This sunburst necklace is a unique piece of jewelry that makes a nice addition to any jewelry collection. If you love the sun rays and want to stay warm all year round, you should get this sun necklace today. SKU: HSH-HSP3416-AZ
Measure: 1.38in With 16.5in Chain,
Weight: 5 Grams,
Stone: 1.6mm,
Material: .brass, Cubic Zirconia, Gold plating, GOLD PLATING - Radiant, gold plating over brass adds a feminine touch to these elegant, fashion stud earrings.
Why Buy Cubic Zirconia: Show your love for the Earth and your sweetheart by choosing cubic zirconia jewelry gifts. Lab created CZ reduces social and destructive environmental impact caused by the mining of diamonds. CZ Jewelry is virtually flawless and only a jeweler can tell the difference. Pour out your heart instead of your wallet and splurge on a trip or new house.