Triquetra Irish Celtic Knot Signet Locket Poison Ring Sterling Silver

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Back in the days when popes, kings and queens poisoned their rivals, silver poison rings were all the fashion. Our Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Poison Locket Ring may not serve the same purpose but its design is more or less the same. Open the secret compartment of this captivating ring of poison and enclose a special keepsake that is hopefully not lethal. Crafted from 925 sterling silver, this poison ring is exquisitely designed with a version of the Celtic trinity knot in the shape of three intertwining hearts. Celtic jewelry has always enchanted through the centuries. Silver poison rings with the fascinating Celtic knot design are perfect gifts for those special people who love exotic, original jewelry. Affordable, inspirational, and totally intriguing so buy your Sterling Silver Triquetra Celtic Knot Poison Locket Ring today. SKU: SSTR-RP10033-6-AZ
Measure: Band: 12mm
Weight: 7.8 Grams
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Diameter secret compartment door 12mm