Vaccinated Simple Polished Wide Dome .925 Sterling Silver Ring 6MM

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This highly polished wedding band is the perfect piece for spouses who want something simple. A 6mm width is nice, you will barely notice it is there. Super comfortable for every day wear, this is a great unisex silver band. Substitute it for your original wedding band while on a backpacking trip or while you are doing a construction project. If you are not ready to hear wedding bells, this piece also makes a great every day right hand ring for someone who wants a simple adornment on their finger. Wear it by itself or stack it with another thin bad. Comes in an array of sizes to fit any finger. SKU: GS-wedband-6mm-6-VC-AZ
Measure: 6mm Band Width
Weight: 5 grams
Material: .925 Sterling Silver
Why not engrave names, inspirational message, letters, numbers, date, coordinates or medical information.