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The butterfly is a very popular creature when it comes to jewelry. Not only is it a beautiful critter that reminds people of the warm spring and summer seasons (for which we also have the spring jewelry section), the bright colors of nature, and brings an overall feeling of positivity, the butterfly also has many unique qualities associated with it. The biggest and most obvious trait that the butterfly is known for is its amazing transformation from the caterpillar, to pupa, and finally the beautiful butterfly that everyone loves and adores. Aside from the great transformation, butterflies are also associated with freedom, openness, rebirth, patience, love and happiness.

Many people choose to wear butterfly jewelry such as a sterling silver butterfly necklace to represent this great change and transformation. It could be a symbol of motivation and inspiration for the path that they are on, the hard work they’ve put in already, and that their butterfly stage is near.

A pair of butterfly earrings or other butterfly jewelry could also be given as a good luck present for people that are about to embark on a journey that requires much change, such as moving in together or getting married. This transformation of shedding their old lives as single individuals to becoming a real couple can be compared to the transformation stage of the butterfly’s metamorphosis.  

Whatever your reason for buying butterfly jewelry is, you can be sure to find quality and affordable styles at Bling Jewelry. So go ahead and see what catches your eye – we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the quality, style, and price you find.

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Butterfly Jewelry

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