Stud Earrings

There are so many varieties of earrings. Studs are small and inexpensive to purchase, which is why jewelry wearers often have several different kinds of stud earrings in their collection. They rotate them at any given time to match their outfits because this small jewelry piece can work with daytime outfits, professional attire, or formalwear. They also work for both women and children. From big stud earrings to smaller versions, there are as many styles as there are fashion tastes. Both men and women are buying jewelry, and this has opened up the market for a lot of different designs of gold and silver unisex selections.

There are many choices including sterling silver stud earrings with flowers or stars. It is up to the online jewelry shopper to determine what kind of types they want. For example, star and flower studs are as cute as they are funky. They add that little pop of fun to an outfit. This type of jewelry is a bit more casual and works well at an informal setting like a café, a date or a brunch with friends. Flower earrings are perfect in the summer or spring, when the weather is warm and people are spending a lot of time outdoors. The flower represents warm weather and flower studs are perfect to wear on sunny days when gardens are blooming.

When you buy accessories to match professional attire, like business suits, it’s often hard to decide what type of jewelry pairs well with it. You probably do not want something that is loud because it won’t fit in at the workplace. Sterling silver earrings or pearl studs are delicate and pretty, so you don’t have to compromise. They come in different shades such as pink, white and even black. They can be worn to meetings and after work dinners because they are as fancy as they are demure. Crystal styles are great for business meetings and other professional environments too. They have sparkle, but not overwhelmingly so. Crystal earrings come in a rainbow of colors so they work on a day to day basis.

CZ stone diamond studs are a favorite among women and guys. This simple yet sophisticated style is a perfect choice for everything from day to evening occasions. Shoppers love men’s stud earrings because they look great on guys. Men who wear them quickly realize that a good style can become signature piece. Onyx black studs or cubic zirconia stand out against men’s features and make any guy look stylish. A tasteful and sparkling cz stud earring looks amazing when paired with a dress shirt and pants for a night out. A solid sterling silver men’s stud also looks great with a t-shirt and jeans.

Stud earrings for women and men are unique and diverse. Cz black diamonds are all the rage this season for both sexes. Since they can be worn by either men or women, the look has gained a lot of steam. Even more so, when black is mixed with white, the look becomes pure elegance. Stud earrings for girls are a good option for children’s jewelry because they are small enough for little ears. We have so many designer inspired styles that girls will love. From heart to kitty and snowflake earrings, these make the perfect gifts for your sweet daughter, sister or friend. Unlike cheap stud earrings made with plastics, Bling Jewelry styles are always made with real .925 silver and cz gemstones and we offer a relaxed refund policy. Make sure you peruse our selection and shop in confidence that we have something for every taste.

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Stud Earrings

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