Shamballa Inspired Bracelets

Feel spiritual and get trendy with a Shamballa inspired bracelet. Celebrities all over the world are rocking these sparkly macramé bracelets with style and you can get the look for way less. Pile on more than one of these disco ball Shamballa inspired bracelets for the ultimate arm party that will catch tons of attention. You can mix and match colors to create your own unique look that is completely you. We also offer children’s sizes so you can match your little one or buy them for a mother daughter or father son duo.

These disco ball bracelets are the ultimate fashion statement. With their spiritual flair and fun design they have a unique look that is instantly recognizable. We carry them in all colors and styles. Turquoise, crystal, metal or gemstone—we have it all. Wear these Shamballa-inspired bracelets with jeans and a t-shirt or dress up a spring dress with the ultimate arm party. You can match them to our earring options for a full effect that will have you shining like a star. Our skull themed ones offer a punk look and our macramé cross bracelets are perfect for the religious type. Find every style you could ever want right here, all at extremely affordable prices.

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Shamballa Inspired Bracelets

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