Order Questions

Can I resell it on Amazon, Etsy, Instagram, Facebook, ebay or any other marketplace?

No, you can't sell any of our item on any marketplace. Selling on Amazon (in any country), Etsy, Instagram, Facebook, Ebay, (or other social media) is prohibited.

Why should I provide my real email and phone number when I order? I don’t want spam.

Your information stays privately with us and we wouldn’t ever want to spam you. It’s important to have a way for our customer service team to contact you about your order so nothing surprising happens! Inaccurate credit card information is a finger’s slip away and occasionally your selection is so stellar that it’s on backorder. We also want to make sure you get our email confirmation as a record of the order. Working with customers makes us happy; we just need a way to keep the lines of communication open.

Why didn’t I receive an E-mail confirmation when I made my order?

Good for you for keeping your inbox safe with a tough spam filter. Though our confirmations are not spam, check there first. If the email isn’t there, please call our customer service team at 1-646-569-6701. Don't forgot to add us in your safe Email List.

I received an email stating that my item is on backorder, what does this mean?

We get so many items a day (and sometimes run low on popular items) that it's very difficult to keep up-to-the-minute information on our site. If your items are on backorder it can take 2-4 weeks to receive your item. Of course, this amount of time will vary. You have several options:

  • You can keep your item on backorder and wait till your item is available again.
  • You can choose another item instead of the one you purchased. If there is a price difference, you will either be credited or charged.
  • You can simply cancel that particular item if you don’t want to wait for it or change the order.
When will my backorder item get shipped?

As soon as we get the item back in our warehouse, you will get an email letting you know your item was shipped. All backorder items are shipped UPS ground shipping, free of charge.

I put the wrong shipping address, or made a mistake on my order, can you change it?

If you receive an order confirmation email and notice a mistake with the order, please call us at 1-646-569-6701. If it’s after business hours, leave us a clear and detailed message with your name, phone number, and your order number (if available).

Can I return or exchange final sale merchandise?

Final sale merchandise can’t be returned or exchanged, so purchase with care. That said, you are getting a terrific bargain—and it can always become a gift for someone else, right?

Every time I put a second item in my shopping cart, the first item disappears?

Oops, that’s a weird one! It has to do with the particular web browser you are using. Try switching browsers or call 1-646-569-6701 and we will gladly take your order over the phone.

Jewelry Questions

Do you make custom orders?

Unfortunately no. At the moment we are not able to take custom orders. However we do have Large selection of Engravable Jewelry which you can customize with your own message.

How do I find my ring size?

Having trouble figuring out your ring size? Head on over to our Ring Size Chart.

What is the difference between gold vermeil and gold plated?

Gold plated is usually a metal such as brass or nickel or any other type of metal covered with electroplated gold. Gold vermeil is sterling silver covered with electroplated gold and is higher in quality. It is also the best option for people who have allergic reactions to metal jewelry.

Miscellaneous Questions

-Do you have an actual store I can come visit?

Nope, no bricks & mortar for us. But although we only exist online, there are still tons of ways to stay in touch with us.

How can I get a coupon?

Sign up for our email newsletter, the Bling Club, and keep updated on special sales only available through our newsletter. Every time we have a new sale you will receive an email newsletter with a new coupon code. As a special bonus, when you first sign up for our newsletter you are automatically sent your first sent your first coupon code! Multiple promos and/or coupons cannot be combined.

Where do I enter a coupon code?

When you are ready to complete your order, go to the checkout page and you will see a box to add coupon code and click on apply coupon button.

What if i forgot to use coupon code?

Contact us via email at worders@BlingJewelry.com or Call us at: 646-569-6701 with your order number and we will apply the coupon discount for you.

Do you have a catalog?

We don’t, because it wouldn’t work well for us. We get jewelry from all over the world every single day, far too much for us to keep a print catalog current. The best way to keep up to date on the newest items is check out our New Arrivals page. And if coming back to our site every few days is more commitment than you’re ready for, try our email newsletter. That will keep you on top of storewide sales, coupons, new arrivals, etc.

Do you offer nickel-free jewelry?

We get our jewelry from hundreds of suppliers all over the world. The majority of our jewelry is nickel-free, but it is not guaranteed unless stated explicitly in the item description. However, many cases of allergic reactions are actually caused by the cleaning solutions used rather than the metal. Safely check a cleanser by dabbing a q-tip into it and testing a small area on your skin.

What is the deal with CZ?

Cubic Zirconium, or Cubic Zirconia as it’s also called, is a mineral often used in place of real diamonds. It’s made to look and feel like the real thing, is significantly cheaper, and can be molded into the famous diamond shapes such as emerald cut, princess cut, and asscher cut. One of the advantages of having a CZ stone is that cubic zirconium can be made into any color, unlike diamonds. Another great advantage is that cubic zirconium stones truly do look like the real thing. Even the wealthiest people wear cubic zirconium stones because it’s a great way to keep up with the trends.

Why am I receiving double charges on my credit credit/banking cards?

Unsettling, isn’t it? Blame the banks. This always happens when your purchase is pending. Wait until the order clears with your bank and you’ll see you’ve only been charged once.