Pin Refugees Threader Earrings Black Plated Surgical Steel

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Get ready to punk out while staying pretty. Our sparkling safety pin earrings manage to show off a traditional rocker look and just the right amount of glam. We used hypoallergenic stainless steel for the pin, which opens up to let the slim Threader section attach with ease, then lined the base with sparkling crystals. Measuring 2 inches long and weighing a little less than 4 grams, our dangle earrings are light enough to hang through any ear hole you like, from your lobe to your cartilage. Wear some punk jewelry to the next rock show you go to, or let this safety pin jewelry inject some insurgence into an otherwise ordinary outfit. SKU: BSS-EER-SFPIN-02-AZ
Measure: 1 inch L x .15 inches W
Weight: 3.07 Grams
Material: Surgical Steel 316L, Crystals
VERSATILE ACCESSORY- Enhance your favorite garments, and fashion accessories. Don this sweet brooch pin on blouses, sweaters, scarves, hats and more. Personalize with your favorite charms for further visual appeal.