Fringe Fake Cartilage Cuff Hook Crystal Stainless Steel Earring

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If you are tired of studs, hoops, and chandeliers, try a different kind of earring. Our ear wrap is a totally stunning and totally unique jewelry piece. This stainless steel jewelry consists of a polished curve design that can be hooked over your ear. Sparkling cubic zirconia line the top section of the curve, while the bottom has graduated chains dangling down, each with a clear crystal bead. The base section is 2 inches, while each chain is 3, and despite its big appeal our crystal ear cuff only weighs a little more than 7 grams. Since they do not have a post or wire, our ear cuffs can be worn by anyone, even if their ears are not pierced. Let this distinct dangle earring be the perfect accessory for a big event, or even a big date. SKU: BSS-BFCW-CHAIN-R-AZ
Measure: 5 Inches Total Length
Weight: 7 Grams
Material: Stainless Steel
No Piercing Required, Ear Wrap