Handcuffs Partners in Crime Shirt Cufflinks Hinge Back Stainless Steel

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There is nothing wrong with adding a little Obsession flair to your style and these handcuff cufflinks are just the little kink you need. These cufflinks for men are stainless steel plated and feature a pair of melded handcuffs, attached by a chain. The torpedo toggle backing will securely keep these on your cuff. Show off your wicked side with these sexy cufflinks. If the stainless steel cuffs look is your style, then check out the rest of our handcuff jewelry. SKU: XY-AF4853-AZ
Material: Stainless Steel,
Measure: 0.94 inch L x 1.14 inch W,
Weight: 19.24 Grams
Torpedo Back Closure- Highlighted by stainless steel with a high shine finish featuring a novel inspired design.