Leverback Earrings

Leverback earrings are designed to have a special safety enclosure so as not to fall off. They dangle in an elegant way and they feature ease of use and security because of their closing clasp. Leverback styles are perfect for women that love fashion without giving up practical comfort. Bling Jewelry leverback earrings enhance those qualities even further as they offer a great inexpensive price without the cheap quality of other affordable jewelry. Purchasing beautiful styles like cubic zirconia leverback earrings does not have to mean forgoing quality of materials. Other cheap jewelry is made of alloys and metals that are not safe for everyday wear. Unlike cheap silver earrings, our sterling silver leverback earrings are quality made with genuine .925 sterling silver. They will never rust or turn your ear an undesirable shade of green.

Leverback enclosures are both fashionable and safe, so this is a win for the wearer. Earrings that hang are especially beautiful because they catch light in a dramatic way and thus bring attention to subtle beauty of their unique designs. Brides often opt for bridal leverback earrings. Bridal jewelry that hangs delicately looks dazzling with a polished wedding hairstyle like an updo. The Leverback earring style is suitable for a woman of any age. Professional women wear them to the office or special events like dinners and parties and young women wear them on a casual lunch date with friends.  This style of earring differs so much in the way they look and can be matched to so many outfits worn to various events and occasions. The best thing about lever back earrings is that they are sophisticated. From daytime wear to night, leverbacks will look wonderful in any situation. Wear your new Bling Jewelry earrings to your best friend’s birthday party, your anniversary dinner or buy as luxurious jewelry gifts for the ones you love.

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Leverback Earrings

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