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View our selection of peace-inspired sterling silver jewelry. We carry peace necklaces, peace sign earrings, and many other styles of jewelry to express your peaceful nature with.

The peace symbol is one of the most widely known symbols today. It was officially created in 1958 by Gerald Holtom to signify nuclear disarmament but over time has come to be accepted as the generic symbol of peace. Peace sign jewelry is easy to spot due to its simplistic design and pretty much everyone in the world knows what the idea behind it is. However, when worn as a piece of jewelry, a peace sign necklace, earrings, or other form of jewelry can also hold a personal meaning for the wearer.

Sure, peace sign jewelry could just be a fashionable accessory that the person chose to wear due to its simplistic and aesthetically pleasing design, but it could also be a way for the person to express their unique personality. Perhaps it is meant to signify the wearer’s peaceful nature, quest and life work for world peace, or some other pursuit of a peaceful nature. Whatever the wearer’s purpose for the peace sign jewelry, it is definitely an accessory that stands out and draws attention to itself. It can be a great conversation peace, an inspirational reminder, and much more.

So whatever the peace jewelry means to you, we’re sure you’ll find a design to match your unique personality and a purpose to use it for.

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Peace Jewelry

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