Tungsten Rings

If you are looking for the most durable of all wedding bands, try a tungsten wedding ring. Tungsten is one of the most durable metals you can make jewelry out of and it’s virtually unscratchable. Perfect for the man who doesn’t want to damage a shiny and expensive platinum piece, a tungsten ring is budget friendly and will not have your husband worried about losing or damaging it.

This versatile metal also comes in a variety of colors. Black, silver, gold, rose gold and even blue. We also carry tungsten rings for men with a variety of fun and unique designs. You don’t have to be getting married to wear one of these fun and fashionable pieces. This is the perfect accessory for any guy who works with his hands or who is constantly outdoors. We carry a large variety that has been carefully selected for both the manliest of men and fashionable of guys. Try a simple black tungsten ring with a Celtic design for your Irish husband or a sleek silver one with crosses for your religious boyfriend.

These durable rings aren’t just for men. Our thin and simple tungsten bands are both beautiful and elegant and just delicate enough for a woman. Any lady who is rough on her jewelry will be happy to have a piece that she doesn’t have to be careful with and that she won’t have to obsess over losing. Check out our large selection of tungsten rings and find the perfect piece for the active person in your life.

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Tungsten Rings

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