Tricolor Flat Snake Chain Link Choker Necklace Rose Gold Plated Silver

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Add a touch of classic fashion to any of his or her outfits with our newest .3 tone 925 Sterling Silver flat snake chain necklace. Whether he or she uses it to compliment his everyday or saves it for special occasion wear, a shiny .925 Sterling Silver necklace will make a welcome addition to his or her jewelry box. Easy to attach with a lobster claw clasp, our .925 Sterling Silver chain necklace will stay around their neck securely. Our flat silver chain necklace has a striking look that either he or she will love. Crafted entirely from 925 Sterling Silver chain will pair perfectly with any outfit, day or night. Our silver chain necklace is elegant enough to wear solo, classy accessory order yours today. SKU: CHY-3B3CO40-16-AZ