Goth Biker Punk Rocker Skelton Hand Wrap Band Ring Stainless Steel

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Once you try on our newest skull and bones ring, you will want to wear our skeleton jewelry for just about every occasion. Crafted entirely of stainless steel to resist tarnish, our men's biker ring is smooth, lightweight and very comfortable to wear. Stainless steel bands for men will make a perfect choice as one of your Fathers Day gifts this year for your fashionable dad, uncle or brother too. Add one of our unique skull rings for men to your collection of fashionable, chic accessories this season or buy one for a friend who shares your good taste in trendy accessories. Its contemporary design is one you both will love. SKU: SWK-HYR-8196-9-AZ
Measure: 4.5mm Band Width
Weight: 6.8 Grams
Material: Stainless Steel
Tarnish Resistant